At Abela Artistry we know that with declining scrapbook storefronts it can be difficult to find your favourite designers teaching in person. Even just getting together for a crop with enough space to play can be a challenge in a lounge room. We craft because its social and we can access a community of women who all share your passion and a story…

We have our own live digital classrooms where you can simply download an App on your device, log in with your web browser as well as access it from an email link. You can book your favourite teacher and get step by step guidance and feedback all within the comfort of your home… You have the option of doing a guided project using one of our kits you can pre-order from our store or use your own products and we can help you turn it into your own personal masterpiece.

Perfect for a get together with friends and a few beverages without the hassle of driving and packing for a crop… After all Crafting is MUCH better with friends.

Perfect for private classes for intensive development on the areas that are holding you back… Colour, composition or just some general knowledge.

We currently teach Art Journal, Scrapbook and Off the page. Join us for a unique, fun and educational experience.

So next time you are looking for the perfect gift or unique party experience.. Reach out to us.